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bloom™ hearing specialists Help California Wildfire Victims in Need

Imagine receiving a phone call from a loved one with a desperate voice urging:

“Get out of the house! NOW!”

Thousands of California families received this phone call—and from one second to the next—had their lives change forever. The culprit?

Bloom Hearing Specialists Help California Fire Victims
Actual photo from one of our family’s home destroyed by California’s wildfire

The deadliest and most destructive wildfire in the state’s history.

Over 80 lives were lost. Over 14,000 homes were burnt down. Immeasurable household items & memories gone, never to be replaced.

This was the catastrophic state of affairs many Californians had to overcome. Worse yet, many did not have homeowner’s or renter’s insurance. What were they supposed to do now?

They felt devastated and hopeless.

Meanwhile, most of America was enjoying a wonderful time preparing for the holidays with their families. Because of this, everyone at the bloom™ Hearing Specialist Network felt compelled to do what we could to give these families what they needed:

A reason to smile again and enjoy this season’s holidays.

It warms our hearts to announce that we pooled donations from bloom patients, clinic staff, & administrative staff to collect over $1,500 in gift cards & cash and much-needed household items like food & other necessities to give to three families affected by the wildfire.

How did they respond? Just listen to this honest & uplifting response by one family:

“The kindness of complete strangers gives me hope for humanity… You shed light on a dark situation. I can’t express just what it means to us. It is good for our 5-year-old daughter to see and know you can count on people when there’s no hope for help anywhere else!… It takes a lot to make me cry, but I’ll be honest I teared up after y’all left.

P.S. It’s hard for us to accept help from anyone because we are used to standing on our own… but this is probably the kindest thing anyone’s ever offered to do for us all…I don’t think I’ll ever forget it, to be honest.”

We believed we were giving three families Christmas gifts. Turns out, we gave them something much more powerful:


They say there’s no better gift than helping those who need it most. Reading the quote above is convincing testimony to this notion.

More than anything it shows what we, the bloom Hearing Specialists Network, can achieve for the less fortunate.

We thank everyone who participated and look forward to your contributions the next time our community needs us!